thinking your optics

„The fields of application of light are just as diverse as light's physical properties. You can therefore benefit from the wide-ranging know-how of our physicists and optics experts." Jean-Michel Asfour

„DIOPTIC sees itself as a think-tank for optical technologies and developer of tailor-made optical systems, special optics and high-performance infrared lenses. We are market leaders in computer-generated holograms for aspheric testing and for laser beam shaping, and we support every client with customized advice based on our deep expertise in these fields." Jean-Michel Asfour

September 26.-27.

7th Wetzlarer Herbsttagung

Stadthalle Wetzlar, Germany

October 24.

Beams & More Workshop

Presentation: Jean-Michel Asfour:
“Diffractive optics for enabling the optical quality of space optics” IMS-Chips, Stuttgart, Germany

November 28.-29.

Optikbeschichtung entlang der Prozesskette
Optence und bvTechCon Workshop

DIOPTIC Presentation:
„Prüfung optischer Oberflächen - neu gedacht und auf Knopfdruck“ Schenck Technologie- und Industriepark, Darmstadt, Germany