Customized measuring technology for inline production controls and quality assurance

We set standards. And we’re passionate about quality assurance based on optical technologies.
Are you part of a taskforce and do you require resources at short notice? Short-term solutions are possible. We’ll extract the best results for you from your time schedule!

Inline-inspection system with smart cameras

Quality for your production

Increase your yield and product quality through integrated process controls. Individually adjusted modules test such characteristics as cleanliness, shape retention, number, and the position during the running production process. The latest image processing systems allow flexible adjustments to meet your very unique requirements.

We’ll support you each step of the way, from the analysis of the requirements to the development of your solution and it’s implementation in your running process. All this will allow you to achieve the highest possible testing reliability and an even higher yield and quality in your production. At your request, we can also offer you a service contract for maintenance and fast guarantee services.

For advice, contact: Niklas Andermahr | Tel.: +49 6201 650 40-13

precise customer specific test equipment

Test stands for development and quality assurance

In our fully integrated test stands, we connect the highest performance with the best user-friendliness. We offer something that can’t be purchased anywhere ready-made in order to thoroughly test your products for quality assurance. Our test stands are certified and from a single source. Moreover, our offering is not limited to optical and interferometric measurements; measuring mechanical parameters such as pressure, strength or torque can also be integrated. Our test stands are equipped with an adjusted software that is responsible for controls and documentation.

For very specific requests, we offer as a first step that we draft a firm design for your device.

For advice, contact: Niklas Andermahr | Tel.: +49 6201 650 40-13