ARGOS – Calibration sample

In order to inspect the cleanliness of optics according to ISO 10110‑7, reference samples are required for the comparison. This applies to an inspection according to size (degree) as well as an inspection by visibility (scratch dig, according to the old ANSI/MIL standard). Such reference samples must also be used for the manual visual check and in a special configuration for the device-supported inspection.

calibration sample FIB reference sample artificial defects imperfections ISO 10110-7

Calibration sample for ARGOS

In order to test optics on surface imperfections with ARGOS, we have developed a special calibration sample. It has a range of reference defects in known sizes and brightness in the range of  1-100 micrometers. The different point- and scratch-shaped defects are written into the glass using focused ion beaming (FIB). In this way a rough, scattered surface quality is created, just like real defects.

The sizes of the reference defects are measured using a calibrated laser scanning microscope or a scanning electron microscope. Their purpose is to calibrate the ARGOS device. This calibration is done on site and can be renewed each year using our own calibration sample.

The reference sample can also be used, in an adjusted form, for a manual visual inspection. Contact us for more information!

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