DIOPTIC Bi-Telecentric Lenses

Recording of two identical objects at different distances with a telecentric lens (left) and a standard lens (right)
Front view of a metal profile with a telecentric lens (left) and with a standard lens (right)
Telecentric lenses are ideally suited for image processing solutions such as the measurement of components due to their imaging properties. The special position of the entrance pupil at infinity provides telecentric lenses with properties that make them particularly suitable for measurement tasks in industrial environments. DIOPTIC’s bi-telecentric lens series is additionally telecentric on the image side and can be quickly and flexibly extended to special customer requirements due to its modular design. With the double-sided telecentric lens series, you can take advantage of all the benefits of this lens type as well as other special features:

  • Constant magnification: No matter at what distance within the field of view an object is located, the magnification is always the same. This means that the size of an object can be determined without further information about the object distance.
  • Perpendicular angle of view: The angle of view of a telecentric lens is perpendicular to the image plane over the entire field of view. Surfaces and edges perpendicular to the imaging plane are not imaged. This is of great advantage especially when measuring high components and long profiles.
  • Low distortion: DIOPTIC telecentric lenses exhibit extremely low distortion. Therefore, test objects can be measured and characterized extremely accurately without further calibration
  • Variable object distance: If the specified object distance does not fit your setup, you can change it yourself using the shim rings provided with the lens. Due to the bi-telecentric design, this does not change the magnification
  • Adaptability: If you cannot find a suitable lens for your application, there is the possibility to develop one especially for you. Due to the modular design of our lens series this can be done with little effort.
For advice, contact: Dr. Florian Hudelist | Tel.: +49 6201 65040-11

Product overview: DIOPTIC bi-telecentric lenses

BTL 11.5 – Bi-telecentric lenses for sensors up to 11.5mm diagonal

ModellImage circleObject circleMagnificationWorking distanceMountPrice and availibility
BTL-11.5-2511.5mm25mm0.4645mmCon request
BTL-11.5-3511.5mm35mm0.3355mmCon request
BTL-11.5-4511.5mm45mm0.2665mmCon request
BTL-11.5-6011.5mm60mm0.1980mmCon request
BTL-11.5-7011.5mm70mm0.1695mmCon request
BTL-11.5-8511.5mm85mm0.14120mmCon request
BTL-11.5-10511.5mm105mm0.11155mmCon request
BTL-11.5-12511.5mm125mm0.09195mmCon request
BTL-11.5-15511.5mm155mm0.074255mmCon request
BTL-11.5-18511.5mm185mm0.062320mmCon request
BTL-11.5-21511.5mm215mm0.053375mmCon request
BTL-11.5-24511.5mm245mm0.047420mmCon request
BTL-11.5-27011.5mm270mm0.043480mmCon request
BTL-11.5-31511.5mm315mm0.037545mmCon request

BTL 18.5 – Bi-telecentric lenses for sensors up to 18.5mm diagonal

ModellImage circleObject circleMagnificationWorking distanceMountPrice and availibility
BTL-18.5-2518.5mm25mm0.7445mmCon request
BTL-18.5-3518.5mm35mm0.5355mmCon request
BTL-18.5-4518.5mm45mm0.4165mmCon request
BTL-18.5-6018.5mm60mm0.3180mmCon request
BTL-18.5-7018.5mm70mm0.2695mmCon request
BTL-18.5-8518.5mm85mm0.22120mmCon request
BTL-18.5-10518.5mm105mm0.18155mmCon request
BTL-18.5-12518.5mm125mm0.15195mmCon request
BTL-18.5-15518.5mm155mm0.12255mmCon request
BTL-18.5-18518.5mm185mm0.10320mmCon request
BTL-18.5-21518.5mm215mm0.09375mmCon request
BTL-18.5-24518.5mm245mm0.08420mmCon request
BTL-18.5-27018.5mm270mm0.07480mmCon request
BTL-18.5-31518.5mm315mm0.06545mmCon request

BTL 23 – Bi-telecentric lenses for sensors up to 23mm diagonal

ModellImage circleObject circleMagnificationWorking distanceMountPrice and availibility
BTL-23-2523mm25mm0.9245mmFon request
BTL-23-3523mm35mm0.6655mmFon request
BTL-23-4523mm45mm0.5165mmFon request
BTL-23-6023mm60mm0.3880mmFon request
BTL-23-7023mm70mm0.3395mmFon request
BTL-23-8523mm85mm0.27120mmFon request
BTL-23-10523mm105mm0.22155mmFon request
BTL-23-12523mm125mm0.18195mmFon request
BTL-23-15523mm155mm0.15255mmFon request
BTL-23-18523mm185mm0.12320mmFon request
BTL-23-21523mm215mm0.11375mmFon request
BTL-23-24523mm245mm0.094420mmFon request
BTL-23-27023mm270mm0.085480mmFon request
BTL-23-31523mm315mm0.073545mmFon request

BTL 39.2 – Bi-telecentric lenses for sensors up to 39.2mm diagonal

ModellImage circleObject circleMagnificationWorking distanceMountPrice and availibility
BTL-39.2-2539.2mm25mm1.5745mmFon request
BTL-39.2-3539.2mm35mm1.1255mmFon request
BTL-39.2-4539.2mm45mm0.8765mmFon request
BTL-39.2-6039.2mm60mm0.6580mmFon request
BTL-39.2-7039.2mm70mm0.5695mmFon request
BTL-39.2-8539.2mm85mm0.46120mmFon request
BTL-39.2-10539.2mm105mm0.37155mmFon request
BTL-39.2-12539.2mm125mm0.31195mmFon request
BTL-39.2-15539.2mm155mm0.25255mmFon request
BTL-39.2-18539.2mm185mm0.21320mmFon request
BTL-39.2-21539.2mm215mm0.18375mmFon request
BTL-39.2-24539.2mm245mm0.16420mmFon request
BTL-39.2-27039.2mm270mm0.15480mmFon request
BTL-39.2-31539.2mm315mm0.12545mmFon request

BTL 44 – Bi-telecentric lenses for sensors up to 44mm diagonal

ModellImage circleObject circleMagnificationWorking distanceMountPrice and availibility
BTL-44-2544mm25mm1.7645mmM58on request
BTL-44-3544mm35mm1.2655mmM58on request
BTL-44-4544mm45mm0.9865mmM58on request
BTL-44-6044mm60mm0.7380mmM58on request
BTL-44-7044mm70mm0.6395mmM58on request
BTL-44-8544mm85mm0.52120mmM58on request
BTL-44-10544mm105mm0.42155mmM58on request
BTL-44-12544mm125mm0.35195mmM58on request
BTL-44-15544mm155mm0.28255mmM58on request
BTL-44-18544mm185mm0.24320mmM58on request
BTL-44-21544mm215mm0.21375mmM58on request
BTL-44-24544mm245mm0.18420mmM58on request
BTL-44-27044mm270mm0.16480mmM58on request
BTL-44-31544mm315mm0.14545mmM58on request