DIOPTIC GmbH sets milestone for new building with ground-breaking ceremony

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Weinheim, 26 January 2024: DIOPTIC GmbH marks the first major milestone for the new company building with the ground-breaking ceremony. In addition to the Lord Mayor, the event was attended by the Weinheim press, the people involved in the construction as well as employees and friends of the company. With this step, DIOPTIC not only reflects the impressive history of the company, but also sets an example for further growth and a promising future.

Groundbreaking ceremony DIOPTIC

New building as a center of innovation

The new building, which will be constructed in the coming months, will not only serve as a physical extension of the company, but also as a center of innovation. In addition to operating a cleanroom for optics production, DIOPTIC GmbH is also planning to integrate optical laboratories for interferometry and optical measurement technology.

“With the new building, we want to create space for creative and innovative ideas for our employees in the truest sense of the word. Seizing these opportunities and successfully contributing their own ideas to the company – in my view, that would be the ultimate win-win situation and my first wish in connection with the new building.” Jean-Michel Asfour reflects.

Portrait Jean-Michel Asfour

A look into the past

Jean-Michel Asfour founded DIOPTIC GmbH almost 25 years ago with a view to the growing need for services and a focus on the possibilities of optical technologies. Founded in 1999, the company continues to successfully develop optical technologies and support its partners through the stages of drafting ideas, conducting feasibility studies, and implementing cost-effective optical systems.

In May 2023, DIOPTIC Inc. was also founded as the first subsidiary in the USA. The new location in Rochester, NY is not only intended to maintain customer proximity, but also to drive forward the development of new markets.

Rendering new building

A look into the future

“When I founded DIOPTIC GmbH more than twenty years ago, I had a business idea in mind and the growth potential of optical systems before my eyes. Since then, new impulses for the optics industry have been added all the time. There is no end to the growth in sight,” says Jean-Michel Asfour, looking to the future.

By investing in the new company building in Weinheim, DIOPTIC GmbH is committing itself both to its current success and to sustainable and future-oriented development.

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