Accessories for interferometric asphere testing

In addition to our computer-generated holograms (CGH) for the interferometric inspection of aspheres, we offer opto-mechanical accessories that enable a simpler CGH and asphere alignment.

optical shop interferometer with optomechanical accessories

System solutions and measurement technology accessories for computer-generated holograms

We adapt ourselves to your laboratory environment and find the right solution. We connect your possibilities and your equipment with our CGHs and our accessories. We develop your measuring concept and implement it for you.

To achieve this, we do everything we can so that our diffractive optics can be used directly in every structure and you can immediately obtain testing results. The installation of the CGHs can take place in your measurement environment and be set up by our experts. We would also be happy to train your staff on how to carry out the measurements themselves. In addition to all common mounts for your interferometer, we also deliver comprehensive solutions for the alignment of CGHs and test objects.

For advice, contact: Jean-Michel Asfour | Tel.: +49 6201 65040-00


Simplified CGH alignment: DNL adjuster

The purpose of the DNL adjuster is to make the alignment of our diffractive null lenses (DNL) easier and more precise. The DNL adjuster takes both the CGH and the transmission sphere that will be used and is mounted in the standard bayonet mount of the interferometer. Using a micrometer head in three independent spatial axes, the CGH is moved precisely in a gimballed tilt in two axes.  In this way, the alignment process can be accelerated significantly.

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For advice, contact: Dr. Frank Weidner | Tel.: +49 6201 65040-17

optomechanical setup for alignment of aspheres

Simplified asphere alignment

Using our asphere alignment fixture, the lens under test is precisely tilted around the center of vertex curvature in two axes. This ensures that observed coma errors during the alignment are eliminated without being superimposed by fringes in the interferogram.

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For advice, contact: Dr. Frank Weidner | Tel.: +49 6201 65040-17