Client and application-specific diffractive optics

Take advantage of our core competence in the field of diffractive optics and benefit from our patents in this field of applications. We develop and provide diffractive optical elements (DOEs), from beam-shaping optics to precision optics applications in asphere metrology in many industries, from photography to astronomy.

Interferometrische Präzisionsjustage

Our diffractive solutions

With diffractive optics, we direct light beams according to your requirements

Thanks to our long experience in implementing special customer wishes, we can quickly find even unconventional solutions. This allows us to constantly set new benchmarks. Our expertise ranges from hologram-based asphere measuring technology to holographic surface structuring processes, for example for holographic data carriers and the development of beam-shaping optics and diffraction gratings for special spectroscopic systems. We regularly work on projects related to the growing challenges in the field of asphere metrology for precision-optical systems and components.

We can offer you reference-testing lenses for the field of surface measuring technology based on computer-generated holograms (CGHs). For applications in photography, the large optics of astronomy and even satellite optics, our product range includes everything for the inspection of precision optical elements: aspheres, spheres with very large curvature radii, cylinders, and free-form surfaces.