Developing custom lenses

You have an innovative development plan – great! But it is impossible to find a lens that fulfills all your requirements with respect to the field of view, lens dimensions, optical resolution or F-number? And has researching lens catalogs and databases led to a dead-end?
Optical design of a wide angle LiDAR lens
Optical design of a wide angle lidar lens

Lens design from scratch

We can support you already from the point when you create the requirements document. We will help you to determine the exact specifications for your application so that we’re able to develop high-quality and cost-optimized lenses for you. Based on our own lens database, experience and Synopsys CodeV, our optic experts develop your required initial design. Already in the conceptual stage, we place great emphasis during the design process on the tolerance analysis to ensure precise mounting of the lenses; this will finally maximize the yield of the production process. With the help of our competence network, we can manufacture the first prototypes of your lens. Alternately, we can consider the ancillary conditions of your partners and reoptimize the optical design based on the production processes of your suppliers.

Lens prototype for a head mounted display
Prototype of a head mounted display lens
Assembly of lenses
Lens assembly
Characterisation of augmented reality glasses
Characterisation of augmented reality glasses

Our Services

Optical design

  • Design of optical components up to complete optical systems from innovative concepts all the way to design for manufacturing
  • Minimizing production rejects through high yield optimization
  • Full access to lens design for proprietary manufacturing if desired

Opto-mechanical design

  • Optical and mechanical design from one source ensures the best overall performance
  • Development from simple fixed focal length lenses to complex zoom systems
  • Motorized or manual zoom and focus
  • Thermal stabilisation through clever combination of design and materials
  • Appearance design can be adapted to your corporate design

Tolerancing, straylight and ghost suppression

  • Rigorous analysis of potential sources of noise and ghost signals eliminates the risk of bad surprises after production
  • Continuous tolerance analysis already in the concept phase leads to the best system matching the manufacturing process

Prototyping and series production

  • Prototypes and small series can be assembled and tested in our clean room facilities

Test systems

  • Interferometer for testing form deviation spherical and aspherical lenses
  • ARGOS Systems for scratch/dig inspection
  • In-house solutions for measurement of MTF, distortion, and other parameters
  • Microscopes, spectrometers, power meters, wave front sensors, …

Benefit from our many years of experience and discuss your challenge with us in a personal conversation.

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