Custom lenses – your one-stop solution

We produce in-house the custom lenses that we have developed. As a result, you can receive your application-specific specialized optics from a single source and view us as a long-term supplier based on the principle of partnership.

manufacturing of infrared lenses

Lens manufacturing

Usually, a limited number of prototypes or functional samples are realized in the initial stage. In no time we can adjust our manufacturing to take into account new lens types, and therefore quickly deliver new prototypes.

Complex, integrated optical systems require many inspection steps and fine adjustments during the manufacturing. Our experts have the necessary experience in order to design the inspection and alignment steps from the varied range of optical systems that we have produced. Every lens is an individually manufactured and individually inspected product that meets all quality standards.

We also carry out serial production up to a medium quantity in later phases of the product life cycle. For technologies such as injection molding or automation, we work with long-standing manufacturing partners who are able to handle higher quantities or take on the manufacturing themselves on their premises. If desired, we also work with the established suppliers of our customers and provide support during the implementation and serial production of our design.

For advice, contact: Dr. Markus Rollinger | Tel.: +49 6201 65040-16