Shaping light for your application

Whether you need illumination optics for room illumination or industrial applications, our optic experts can find the right solution for every requirement.

Surgical lamp
Surgical lamp

A holistic approach to illumination systems

We develop illumination-optical components and systems that meet your specific requirements. We can support you at every stage, from selecting the light source to bringing your product to serial-production maturity. Relying on specific characteristics such as LED near-field data and careful analyses of scattered-light influences, our optics modules achieve maximum performance with minimal available space. Using our experience and our network of optic manufacturers, we can guarantee a fast, production-ready and efficient implementation of your product ideas.

Customised TIR lens
Customised TIR lens
Homogeneous illumination of a speedometer hand
Homogeneous illumination of a speedometer hand
RGB illumination for substance detection
Water cooled high power RGB illuminator for substance detection

Design of illumination optics

  • General consulting
  • Development of specific illumination scenarios
  • Development and optimization of light guides
  • Illumination systems containing many light sources and beam shapers
  • Selection of LEDs and optics for sensor systems

Stray light simulations

  • Deduction of concepts to eliminate system faults or to improve performance
    of illumination systems and sensors with detailed analysis of stray light and ray paths

Prototyping and series production

  • Optical, mechanical, and electronic components from one source
  • Testing of concepts with functional models in our in-house laboratory

Your advantages

  • Solutions and concepts independent of specific manufacturers in close communication with the customer
  • Access to modern metrology methods, e.g. triangulation, CMM, and μCT

Project examples

Glare suppression by micro-structured polymer sheets

Development of a surgery lamp

Scattering simulations of micro particles

Benefit from our many years of experience and discuss your challenge with us in a personal conversation.
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