From idea to innovation

We are able to explore what is physically possible: Our strengths lie in research related to pre-development or advanced development. We’ll support you from the idea to the innovation.

illustration of a researcher

Turning your idea into a profitable innovation requires the ability to think differently than you did in the past. And this can happen very efficiently by using our wide range of experience in different industry sectors and transferring this experience to new problems.

Our services range from feasibility studies and product developments to sensor development, image processing systems, optics calculations, asphere metrology and even special applications in laser-beam shaping.

With experience and a long-term view, we can drive your innovation process ahead.

We’ll translate your idea into an invention that is successful on the market and profitable for your company. Our team of experienced and highly qualified physicists and engineers know the right methods and and they know also where you need to tweak in order to reinvigorate your old processes. With experience and a systematic approach we will lead a structured process with a high probability of success, implement it for you and, if you wish, incorporate it into your running processes at your premises.