ARGOS – Test system for optical surface inspection

ARGOS 2 is the result of a systematic further development of the established optical surface inspection system. It offers you:

  • more flexibility for testing optics with extended depth of field EDOF
  • overall robustness
  • user-friendliness thanks to drop-down menu that uses your drawing numbers

ARGOS 2 surface inspection system

Inspection of lenses, aspheres, flat optics and filters

The new objective and computer-supported inspection procedure is fast and allows for an exact 100% optical surface inspection. This enables manufacturers to continuously monitor their product quality and intervene in a targeted manner if necessary. The testing of optical surfaces, both flat and curved, is objectified:

  • ARGOS 2 delivers an exact and reproducible pass/fail assessment including the test report at the press of a button
  • testing according to ISO 10110‑7 and ISO 14997
  • seamless transition towards digital transformation of manufacturing thanks to data storage that is also available for statistics
  • lower number of rejects makes production leaner

ARGOS inspects many common test objects with a diameter of around 2 to 45 mm or a side length of around 40 mm. The surface recognition analyzes the smallest defects during the running production process. It shows and analyzes holes and long scratches up to the tiniest grade number of 0.0025. The types of surface imperfections that can be recognized also include sleeks, coating defects such as splashes, orange skin, grey coloration/clouding and edge chips. Many materials can be inspected: all common optical glasses, coated optics, infrared optics, injection-mold optics, mirrors and polished metals.

The new device design of ARGOS 2 combines robustness, user-friendliness and functionality. The intuitive user interface allows one to select the drawing number using the drop-down menu, which automatically sets all the measurement parameters and enables a fast, batch-based inspection without any set-up times.

The innovative EDOF technology enables the scanning of several layers as well as an automatic analysis of curved and complex surfaces. At the client’s request, the combined inspection of the upper and lower side, as well as an inspection to detect bubbles and inclusions in the volume are also possible. The testing ability always depends on the geometry of the test object, specifically on the free diameter D and the radius of curvature R. A relationship D/R<1 can be taken as a rule of thumb for the testing ability. For values higher than D/R, we recommend an investigation of test samples.

The different types of specialized equipment that are possible include an autofocus system, EDOF, the dust removal “Flow” using integrated air jets, the calibration standard and different scanning options with linear or XY-table and multi-sample analysis. We are also happy to take on customized adjustments, such as multiple inspections, specialized analyses and automation so that they optimally fit your production process.

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