Users of the ARGOS inspection system

Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany
Inspection of optics for sensor development

OLYMPUS, Germany
Inspection of optics for endoscopy

Casix, subsidiary of Fabrinet, China
Inspection of optical elements

nLIGHT, Canada
Inspection of fiber end caps

We have been using the ARGOS inspection tool on our production line for approximately 12 months now, utilizing the tool to inspect high-quality optics. We chose the ARGOS tool over other options because it offered an automated solution for inspecting to the ISO 10110‑7 Standard.
The tool has integrated seamlessly into our manufacturing systems and offers a simple, fast, operator interface and quantitative assessment to the ISO 10110‑7 Standard. We have been very happy with the inspection tool’s performance and the support of the DIOPTIC team.

Dr. David Moser, Director, Process Engineering, nLIGHT, Vancouver, Canada

Beijing Golden Way Scientific, China
Inspection of optics, flat optics and filters

THD, Germany
Qualification of polishing substances

The ARGOS surface measuring device for inspecting defects from the company DIOPTIC is a clear step forward in automation and objectivity for the inspection of cleanliness. The clear overview and compliance with norms in both the preparation and documentation of the results make the assessment much easier. Thanks to the integrated autofocus and automatic scanning in different Z levels, it is possible to assess even small and strongly curved surfaces fast and in a reliable manner. After two years now of using it intensively, the inspection system has become a critical tool for our needs in process optimization.

Christian Trum, M. Sc., PhD student at the Technical University Deggendorf, THD