1+1+1=3³ with automated inspection and alignment systems

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Our inspection and alignment systems achieve outstanding results in optics production. It seems questionable, at least from a mathematical point of view, that they can even potentiate the yield. Technically and economically, this is actually possible. We will show you how.


Challenging assembly of optical components

Imagine a simple equation: 1+1+1=3³. Sounds inconsistent. Sure. However, the process can be calculated in a very promising way. In the production of highly complex AR/VR modules or integrated optical assemblies for sensors, displays and LIDAR systems, for example, three process steps are usually performed in succession: The assemblies are first tested, then adjusted and finally bonded in order to obtain a highly stable and precise system component at the end. Each of these steps requires a deep understanding of the system, suitable testing technology and high-precision machines.

DIOPTIC offers automated testing of optical components

Three process steps in one system

So what if the testing, adjustment, and connection of components could be integrated into a fully automated system? This is exactly what we do for our customers. The compact devices can operate under clean room conditions and are flexibly designed for different optical assemblies or functional materials. The high-precision inspection, alignment, and assembly systems offer the highest quality without errors. Robot-based multiaxial alignment systems enable efficient and reliable assembly with maximum precision – even around the clock for very high quantities and very high production yields.

Customized one-stop solution with robot integration and UV curing

One-stop solution for optical assemblies

Of course, the whole integration of the entire system comes from DIOPTIC. You can therefore rely on the fact that test systems, programming, control system, and handling are perfectly matched to the respective production requirements. Our customized solutions are adapted and designed precisely to your requirements. Due to our in-house software development, we can use machine learning and AI for testing and inspection. Our expertise in process technology and sample automation creates the best conditions for high throughput, even with components that are complicated to assemble.

Customized solution with high yield

With our integrated assembly systems, the inspection, alignment, and assembly of components is actually carried out in a much more cost-saving and error-free manner in less time than in three individual work steps. The equation 1+1+1=3³ therefore works both technically and economically! For our customers, the yield increases. Sounds promising? Then ask us for a solution to your integration problem!

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