A highly precise alignment of your system

Highly precise applications require highly precise alignment. We can support you in designing your system and developing tailor-made semi-automated alignment systems for your applications.

3D CAD model of an alignment system

Optimal interplay between measuring technology, actuator technology and software

The mechanization and automation of many processes result in complex opto-mechanical components, which in turn create ever higher requirements for the alignment of the individual components. For example, today’s sensor systems for autonomous driving contain numerous camera sensors, lenses, lights sources and mirrors, and all of them must be positioned and fixed in relation to each other with absolutely extreme precision.

We can design and integrate the right sensors and actuator technologies for your application. With our understanding of processes, we can also develop a workflow that contains the right software for an efficient control of the assembly of your components.

Our work begins already when designing your component or sensory systems, because it is during this phase that the foundation is laid for a precise alignment. Based on this, we can develop and implement a suitable sensor and actuator concept. The function of the system is then verified on real components and handed over to you with detailed documentation. We would also be pleased to develop theoretical and practical training for your staff based on your system.

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