CGHs for laser-beam shaping and pattern projection

Beam shaping – we guide light. Diffractive optics and computer-generated holograms offer a wide range of application possibilities.

false-color representation of a continuous phase profile for laser beam shaping

Laser-beam shaping

We achieve innovative solutions for the creation of nearly arbitrary light distributions, for example line or point lattices or the adjustment of Gaussian-shaped laser beams in a distribution with a homogeneous flat-top profile. So the laser power can be directed with perfect point precision. The grey-tone lithographic production process that we use allows for production of near-perfect saw tooth or other continuous phase profiles without steps. The diffraction efficiency that is achieved as a result of this is over 95% and scattered light is therefore almost completely avoided.

Examples of beam-shaping CGHs that we have developed include:

  • Focus arrays, for example 4×4 spots or 100×100 spots, arranged as hexagonal, lattice-shaped or rectangular
  • Ring focus with freely selectable diameter and diffraction-limited ring width
  • Top-hat scatter distributions with freely selectable divergences
  • Freely definable intensity profiles, such as logos

Naturally, we can also implement the calculated profiles in larger quantities on your desired substrate.

For further technical specifications, check the product sheet.

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