Good ideas are worth gold – we’ll help you shine on the market!

We develop solutions and concepts that enable you to implement your product ideas. Together with our clients from the fields of medical technology, photonics and automotive, we have already brought numerous different products to market maturity, supported their certification, and ensured IP rights. Take advantage of our skills and experience in the field of product development.

phases of the product development process

Taking the manufacturing into account from the start

The wide range of possibilities to miniaturize optical systems and produce them inexpensively offers huge potential. This is true in consumer electronics, medical technology, the automotive industry or for quality inspection at your production site. In addition to helping you develop new products, we can also offer you a complete OEM test stand. Talk to us to learn more. We’d be delighted to advise you.

For advice, contact: Jean-Michel Asfour | Tel.: +49 6201 650 40-00

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Sparring partner for innovation and competent support, from market analysis to the finished product

We develop appropriate concepts to match your ideas. We implement your ideas, be that in the form of demonstrators, functional samples, prototypes or the finished product. From the first draft to the final sample, we take on the planning, design, manufacturing and software control, laboratory tests and all the way to putting them into operation. We can develop the right software for you which includes a graphical user interface to make it easy to use your prototype.

For advice, contact: Jean-Michel Asfour | Tel.: +49 6201 650 40-00