Software development based on an understanding of systems

Developing successful software requires a lot more than just mere programming. Regardless of whether you need a program to run a test stand or a user surface for analysis and visualization, we will analyze your requirements with a physical understanding of systems and derive the required basic structures for the software development.

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Better solutions due to background knowledge of physics

The combination of our technical and physical know-how allows us to translate your task into a unique software solution. Our integrated solutions are used in product development, for prototype tests and demonstrators, for the improvement of production processes and for complex data analysis.

Whether you need efficient tools for your research and development department or fully automated inline inspection systems for manufacturing and quality assurance, we’ll take your instructions and wishes and develop software that is suitable for your different target groups.

For advice, contact: Niklas Andermahr | Tel.: +49 6201 650 40-13

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Data analysis tools simplify research and development

In addition to developing inline systems for manufacturing, we can gladly support you in other areas where software can help optimize processes. With our solid fundamental basic knowledge of physics and mathematics, we can develop and implement customized analytical algorithms for your data. We can also analyze your existing algorithms and, if needed, optimize them, incorporate them into new systems, or transfer them into other programming languages. In this way, workflows which until now required various tools or manual steps can be simplified and accelerated. We also provide a detailed documentation of our analysis so that you have comprehensive clarity and understanding of the calculations.

For advice, contact: Niklas Andermahr | Tel.: +49 6201 650 40-13