Client-specific development of modules and sensors

We develop and integrate optical modules into your product in accordance with your needs.

Optical components or optical measurement modules enable the core functions of many systems. They make the systems more intelligent, more precise, more secure, or even possible in the first place.

optical sensor with ray tracing simulation

The optics make the difference

We develop sensor modules for your measuring task. In addition to developing the optics, we can also take care of their integration into your system. In that case, we coordinate requirements, interfaces and results from optics, design, electronics and production.

Our range of optical modules comprises among others:

  • Surface detection
  • Photometry
  • Optical measurement of the rotation angle
  • Measurement of distance and movement
  • Quantifying color changes, fluorescence or absorption
  • Optical recognition of specific geometries of the work pieces and their deviations
  • Optical movement detection and real-time evaluation with high time resolution

For advice, contact: Jean-Michel Asfour | Tel.: +49 6201 650 40-00