DIOPTIC’s inventions

Patents are a result of our innovative work. Their potential can be realized in new, innovative products.

DIOPTIC offers the realization or licensing of inventions to its customers. You will find a selection of our inventions in the following sections.

sample metal disk with diffractive markings

Holomark – for the protection of your product

Behind every original product lies an original idea: Protect your idea!

As a result of our globalized economy, brand piracy and insufficient protection against counterfeiting provide forgers with ever more opportunities to place cheap copies on the market. It’s a hot topic that is sparking a lot of debate.

We are working on a procedure which in the future will label tools and products with a unique hologram. This method is also suitable for metal surfaces. This development has the potential to guarantee to your customers the reliability of the product. Therefore, your customers will be certain that the quality they purchased really comes from you.

Do you want to stop forgers and offer your customers trustworthy product protection? Talk to us.

For advice, contact: Jean-Michel Asfour | Tel.: +49 6201 650 40-00

schematics of 3D headup display


The automobile driving experience

In modern cars head-up displays are already in serial production. But what about a display in 3D?  Together with our partners, we are working on carrying out the patented realization of a three-dimensional instrument display. Are you interested in this development? Talk to us.

For advice, contact: Jean-Michel Asfour | Tel.: +49 6201 650 40-00

sketch of principle for measuring small angular deviations

Measuring angles

Small modifications with a big impact

Interferometers measure distances with the highest level of precision. So why not do the same with angles? We have patented a device that can measure the absolute angle of surfaces relative to the direction of propagation of the measuring beam in sub arc seconds. It only takes a relatively small suitable modification, upon which all the advantages of the highly precise and fast optical device can be fully utilized.

Are you interested in getting better measuring results? Talk to us.

For advice, contact Jean-Michel Asfour | Tel.: +49 6201 650 40-00