Our anniversary – 20 years of DIOPTIC

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In September 2019 we celebrated our 20-year anniversary together with you at the Wachenburg Weinheim. The ambience of the castle, well-known beyond the region, provided the perfect setting for this special celebration with our numerous friends, business partners and colleagues from over 20 years of DIOPTIC. In exciting lectures, we looked back and took stock and at the same time looked into an exciting and fascinating future.

We would like to thank our speakers for the personal words and exciting presentations:

  • The Mayor of the city of Weinheim, Manuel Just for his introductory words
  • Dr. Hans-Peter Haar, who, as a longtime companion, emphasized the innovative attitude of DIOPTIC
  • Dr. Dirk Voelkel, GE Healthcare Life Sciences, for his exciting outlook on the upcoming trends in personalized medicine
  • Dr. Frank Grupp, MPI for Extraterrestrial Physics, for his entertaining talk on the uses of Computer Generated Holograms (CGHs) in astronomical research matters
  • Dr. Pablo Richter, Continental Automotive GmbH, for his forward-looking speech on the state of development of autonomous driving
  • And of course the colleagues Dr. Niklas Andermahr, Klemens Bardelang and Dr. Daniel Kiefhaber for their captivating insight and review of the DIOPTIC universe.

That makes all of us looking forward to the next 10 years of DIOPTIC, with tension and curiosity.