Infrared microscope lenses for thermography

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DIOPTIC develops and manufactures special lenses for infrared cameras for over seven years. The product range includes fixed focal length lenses, endoscopes and infrared microscope lenses.

Our special know-how are infrared microscope lenses for highest requirements in passive and active thermography, which are used for example in the quality inspection of conductor paths or integrated circuits in the semiconductor industry. Here, cameras with actively cooled sensors in the MWIR spectral range (3-5.5 µm) are used to detect smallest temperature differences of structures when a signal or current is applied.

MWIR infrared microscope lenses for thermography with cooled sensors

Perfectly adapted to cooled infrared sensors with cold stop

Our microscope objectives are designed for cooled VGA sensors, for example from SCD or Lynred. In these sensors, a fixed stop is integrated, which is also cooled and thus has particularly low self-emission. To achieve the best possible image quality with superior contrast, our lenses with low magnifications are designed in such a way that this sensor cold stop is the stop of the microscope lens. At higher magnifications, we use gold mirrors specifically designed for the sensor’s field of view to minimize thermal stray light in the image.

Overview of the specifications of the infrared microscope objectives

High transmission and large magnification range

The DIOPTIC lens series currently consists of five MWIR microscopes covering a magnification range from 0.25x to 10x, thus allowing thermography even on smallest structures. Due to the high quality complex coatings of our lenses, we can achieve a total transmission of the infrared microscope lenses of more than 70%!

Inspection with CGH and ARGOS for quality assurance

Aspherical lenses are used in the MWIR microscopes to achieve the best imaging performance using as few elements as possible. Of course, DIOPTIC technology helps us to continuously maintain the quality of infrared lenses at the highest level: Form deviations of aspherical surfaces are eliminated by interferometric measurements with DIOPTIC CGHs, while surface defects such as scratches or digs on the lenses are reliably detected with our ARGOS system.

Custom interfaces for the infrared microscope lenses are available on request.

Please contact our expert Dr. Malte Hagemann for more detailed discussions or inquiries under phone: +49 6201 65040-19.