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Presentation of the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt and its study program “Optical Technologies & Image Processing”.
You can see all the information in the YouTube livestream.
What comes after college graduation? Which study program suits for you?

Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences. Optical Technologies & Image Processing - participants Livestream.

YouTube live event at University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt

On 15.06.2021, a YouTube live event took place at University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt. The aim of the event was to present a very special study program“Optical Technologies & Image Processing”. Due to the pandemic, there is a lack of face-to-face events to introduce study opportunities to high school graduates. There is an enormous demand for young talent in these technical fields, and so the participating professors from the university, a student in her 6th semester and our division head of optical design, Dr. Malte Hagemann, presented interesting facts about the course of study and the points of contact with industry.

Professor at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences for Optical Technologies & Image Processing

A study program with a pronounced practical orientation

The course of studies is characterized by its high relation to our increasingly technical and autonomous environment. Image processing, for example, finds its application in face recognition, autonomous driving or quality inspection systems. In optical technologies, students understand all the technical applications of light. The University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt rightly calls its course of studies special because students find small learning groups, practical training is lived in the laboratory and the 5th semester is used as a practical semester in industry. This semester can be completed both in Germany and abroad. In addition, a dual study model is currently being planned. With a successful master or bachelor degree, alumni have the best entry opportunities in development departments or technical sales devisions.

DIOPTIC's division manager for optical design - Dr. Malte Hagemann

DIOPTIC – Expert for highly sophisticated optical systems

DIOPTIC is an established company in Weinheim close to Heidelberg for more than 20 years. We develop highly sophisticated optical systems. Our expertise covers a wide range of fields. In lens development, for example, we develop and manufacture microscope lenses for the MWIR range for thermography on structures in the micrometer range. Wide-angle lenses from DIOPTIC for instance are installed behind windshield in automotive industrie. With such lenses, road signs can be detected in the driver assistance system. In the areas of quality inspection systems and optical design, our services can begin from customers initial idea, feasibility study and ends in the development and production of prototypes or the series production.

The “Optical Technologies & Image Processing” degree program at the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt can provide the basis for your future in innovative companies like DIOPTIC.

You can watch the entire video at the following link.

If you have any further questions about optical design, please contact our expert Dr. Malte Hagemann.