Automated inspection of a mirror surface with ARGOS matrix 200

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What do our customers actually do…

… with ARGOS matrix 200?

This is exactly what we ask before we individually adapt the modular ARGOS system to the needs of our customers. The ARGOS matrix 200 surface inspection system enables fully automated series inspection of optical elements at the highest level of accuracy. And thanks to our know-how, we teach it’s AI capabilities that can only be obtained from DIOPTIC by intelligently combining maximum precision and optimum efficiency.

Defect detection on a mirror

Automated inspection of a mirror surface

For example, this was crucial in the case of a customer who manufactures sophisticated mirrors of various sizes and geometries. These mirrors for small wavelengths are used in semiconductor manufacturing. And because tiny dimensions are involved, the corresponding inspection system must be able to detect the smallest defects on the mirror surface. “A human being,” explains Sales Manager Dr. Roland Goschke, “in theory can also do this, but he could miss something in these small dimensions or misjudge a defect size. In addition, there is a risk that under cleanroom conditions a human being will secrete particles himself that will settle on the mirror surface during the inspection.”

ARGOS Test Report

Learning effect through artificial intelligence

ARGOS matrix 200 is much more reliable or – as Goschke puts it – “simply incorruptible”. Why? Because, on the one hand, the surface inspection system has a sophisticated microscope with illumination unit and camera; on the other hand, the system learns via artificial intelligence – and this is crucial – to detect the smallest specific defects on the mirror surface and to identify them as such. The evaluation is fast, efficient and reproducible with ARGOS matrix 200. The documentation of the exact inspection time allows the traceability of each individual inspection result. This is good for our customers. And even better when it comes to the satisfaction of our customers’ customers. What more could you want?

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