Quality inspection: an integral part of production

Manufacturing application and customer-specific infrared lenses requires a high degree of care in order to fulfill a client’s requirements as best as possible. For us, it is a matter of course that every single manufactured lens is inspected after its production and before delivery so that clients can trust and rely on the lens’s quality.

IR image of a Siemens star for image quality testing

Application-related inspection of lenses and optical systems

We focus on quality inspection already in the development phase. Together with our clients, we determine the quality inspection criteria that should apply during development.

Every single lens that is produced goes through an in-depth and meticulous inspection. A fundamental inspection of the imaging quality includes the use of resolution charts or beam targets. We also have the possibility to measure the MTF (modulation transfer function) of the optical system. The more an optic is customized for a particular detector and application, the more important is the alignment of the inspection with the later use of the lens. Parameters and standard measures for quality can be determined together with the client for every type of optical systems. We are proud to bring our experience to the table in any quality inspection task.

We would be pleased to provide you with a certificate containing the results of our inspection. Together with our supplier partners and components manufacturers, we evaluate the inspection results. The continuous monitoring of the production and inspection process combined with our own optimizations and the consistent feedback we give to our suppliers enables us to achieve a constant improvement to our products.

By the way, we also offer inspections and application-specific tests of optical systems as an independent service. For example, we can advise you about different and new technical possibilities, alternatives or even limitations. Talk to us. We’d be delighted to assist you.

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