Bi-telecentric lenses: DIOPTIC’s new product line

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DIOPTIC presents the new product line of 70 bi-telecentric lenses for sensors with a diagonal of 11.5 mm to 44 mm and object sizes from 25 mm to 315 mm.

Comparison of a picture taken with a bi-telecentric lens and an entocentric lens
Frontal view of a metal profile with a telecentric lens (left) and with a standard entocentric lens (right)
Comparison of a picture taken with a bi-telecentric lens and a entocentric lens
Image of two identical objects at different distances with a telecentric lens (left) and a standard entocentric lens (right)

Advantages of telecentric lenses

Telecentric lenses are perfectly suited for image processing solutions such as the measurement of components. Due to the special position of the entrance pupil at infinity, telecentric lenses have properties that make them particularly advantageous for measurement tasks in industrial environments. With the bi-telecentric lens series, you can take advantage of all the benefits of this lens type as well as other special features:

  • Constant magnification: No matter at what distance an object is within the focus range, the magnification is always the same. This means that the size of an object can be determined without further information about the object distance.
  • Vertical angle of view: The angle of view of a telecentric lens is perpendicular to the object plane over the entire image field. This means that surfaces and edges perpendicular to the object plane are not visible. This is a great advantage, especially when measuring tall components and long profiles.
  • Extended depth of field: Due to the unchanging imaging scale, objects can be measured exactly in size even outside the optimum focus range. This allows greater flexibility, for example when using quality inspection systems.
DIOPTICs bi-telecentric lenses
DIOPTICs bi-telecentric lenses
DIOPTIC bi-telecentric lens
DIOPTICs bi-telecentric lens BTL-11.5-25-45 with image dircle of 11.5mm and object circle of 25mm

The DIOPTIC BTL series: Highest quality with maximum flexibility

DIOPTIC’s bi-telecentric lenses of the BTL series (Bi-Telecentric Lenses) were developed and manufactured for industrial applications with high demands. The selection of the appropriate lens is very easy:

  1. Choose the image size matching your sensor from 5 different field sizes, from 11.5 mm to 44 mm.
  2. Choose the object size for your test object or application from 17 object field sizes, from 25 mm to 315 mm.
  3. The combination results in your desired lens. For a sensor with 2/3″ (17mm) diagonal and a field of view with a diagonal of 185 mm, the BTL-18.5-185 is the best choice.

All of our lenses meet the highest quality and performance standards:

  • High resolution: The lenses of the BTL series offer excellent imaging performance for modern sensors, allowing you to see the smallest details.
  • Low distortion: The telecentric lenses from DIOPTIC have extremely low distortion. Therefore, test objects can be measured and characterized very precisely without extensive calibrations.
  • Variable object distance: If the specified object distance does not fit your setup, you can change it yourself using the supplied shim rings on the lens. Due to the bi-telecentric design, this does not change the magnification scale.
  • Robust mechanics: During the development of the mechanics, we deliberately avoided filigree mechanisms for adjusting the focus and aperture. This allows the lenses to be used in harsh environments without losing focus. In addition, the lenses are protected against splash water.

Due to the modular design DIOPTIC’s bi-telecentric lens series can be quickly and flexibly extended to special customer requirements. If you cannot find a module that perfectly matches your requirements, get in touch with us for a custom design.

For further information please visit our website about our BTL series.

If we have caught your interest or you would like to discuss your image processing task, please contact our expert Dr. Malte Hagemann | Tel.: +49 6201 65040-19.