Inspection of protective lidar covers with WAVOS cover

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The fast-growing market of lidar sensors for autonomous and assisted driving comes along with a growing need for quality inspection. Since many years DIOPTIC is successfully active as a development partner and supplier of inspection systems for lidar devices. We are particularly proud to now launch our new product specifically designed for characterization of beam deflection by lidar cover glass: our WAVOS cover.

Beam deflection measurements for characterization of lidar covers
Beam deflection measurements for characterization of lidar covers showing: Molding artefacts (left) and the impact of heating wires (right).

Improving protection windows for high-reliability lidars

A protective window of plastic or compound glass is the outermost surface of all lidar modules. In order to ensure high quality and precision, the protective window must meet various requirements. Important demands such as stability, transmission spectrum as well as its optical form tolerances have to be fulfilled. The beam deflection by the lidar cover window has a direct impact on the quality of the sensor signal. Our WAVOS cover will help you to ensure and to improve your form quality.

WAVOS cover as tabletop system
WAVOS cover as tabletop system

WAVOS as tabletop tool for development and for automated quality assurance in production

WAVOS cover can measure the beam deflection (syn.: wavefront slope) with high angular and high lateral resolution. Our WAVOS shows the impacts from manufacturing process and thermal or mechanical stress on the lidar beam. With this information the quality of the protective covers can be increased, and faulty parts can be sorted out automatically.
Based on our renowned ARGOS software, WAVOS provides capability for automated batch inspection.

WAVOS cap for 360° inspection of protective lidar domes
WAVOS cap for 360° inspection of protective lidar domes

Flexible to your demands

The system can easily be adapted to your specific wavelength and samples of different dimensions. Flat and bent lidar covers can be measured as well as cylindrical domes or protective caps. Automated reporting, pass-fail-analysis and detailed raw data are offered by our integrated WAVOS software.

Contact us for further information, product sheets, or arrangement of sample measurements.

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