ARGOS matrix 200 – The new industry standard for automated surface inspection

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With ARGOS matrix 200, DIOPTIC sets new standards in automated surface inspection. The device is more flexible, more powerful and more automated than any of its predecessors. Almost any sample can be placed in its 200×200 mm inspection area. Inspection is performed according to ISO 10110-7 and digitally documented in comprehensive test reports. DIOPTIC can as well implement customer requests regarding specifications.

ARGOS matrix - device for automated surface inspection
Tray with many samples for defect testing
ARGOS matrix 200 - testing even on highly curved surfaces
ARGOS Test Report
Example of a test report created with the automated ARGOS inspection system

The new industry standard for automated scratch/dig inspection

In 2020, the ARGOS team at DIOPTIC focused on device development and in the short period of only 10 months the first automated ARGOS device line was developed: ARGOS matrix 200/300/500, the new universal devices for automated defect inspection of optical surfaces according to ISO 10110-7 size-based. The first units were already delivered to well-known customers at the beginning of the year.
This is what the new measuring device series offers:

  • Inspection areas: 200×200 (300×300) mm or larger
  • Automated measurement of many parts within the inspection area
  • Reproducible and objective inspection with test report for each sample according to ISO 10110-7, including histogram and defect map
  • Fast payback on the investment due to cost reduction in manual inspection
  • Inspection of flat optics, spheres, aspheres, bonded optics, beam cubes, inclusions in volume

Objective inspection according to ISO 10110-7 and more

ARGOS matrix 200, like its predecessors, inspects according to size-based specifications in accordance with ISO 10110-7, precisely determining the size of defects and the width of scratches. The evaluation of the overall result is based on all rules of the norm. However, the ARGOS software is designed to be modular and can be easily adapted. This means that our customers can also inspect according to their own specifications and rules, if required, with minor software adjustments. The applications are therefore diverse, from classic incoming or outgoing quality inspection according to ISO 10110-7 to the detection of dust and contamination on high-power laser optics and the monitoring of polishing or coating processes.

Suitable for almost all surfaces

Our specifically developed switchable dark field illumination allows testing even on highly curved surfaces and is completely independent of the reflectivity of the surface. No matter whether AR coating or mirror – inspection with ARGOS matrix 200 is possible. Our machine learning supported image processing ensures the best defect detection even on difficult surfaces. By skillful combination of many single images with different illumination directions, we ensure that ARGOS does not miss even fine scratches.

Process reliability through digital documentation

The user-independent and digitized inspection by ARGOS matrix provides process reliability through reproducible and objective results. Time-consuming discussions about the categorization of individual imperfections and the evaluation of critical components are no longer necessary. Test reports with overview maps and images of relevant defects, as well as a variety of statistical evaluation options such as histograms and heat maps, document the quality of the surface precisely and in detail.

A universal standard device with a wide range of customization options

ARGOS matrix 200 with its inspection area of 200×200 mm, is the optimal design between available field of inspection and needed dimensions of the inspection system. We offer two standard resolutions of the imaging system, 2.5 μm and 5 μm. This allows us to meet almost all customer requirements. However, as a company with strong development capabilities, DIOPTIC also offers almost any customized systems. Whether you need a larger inspection area, a lower resolution for faster inspections, a measuring head with multiple resolutions, additional illumination modes or observation angles, or integration into a fully automated system with palletizing – we find the perfect solution for every customer and every inspection task.

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