Multizone CGHs for precision alignment of optical components

We’re blazing a new trail in the world of optics manufacturing. The alignment of optical elements or components using CGHs facilitates unbeatable accuracy.

multizone CGH mounted on optical shop interferometer

During the interferometric inspection of optical surfaces, an exact alignment of the lens elements with respect to the interferometer is necessary. Even a few micrometers off or the slightest tilts will make interference fringes appear. This effect can be used to precisely align several lens elements to each other. To realize this, several ring-shaped CGHs are produced on the same optical substrate. Each such CGH zone is designed specifically for one lens surface. Each lens element can be aligned with an accuracy of a few micrometers with respect to the CGH, where as the CGH serves as a reference surface. This new method was developed by DIOPTIC and the Max-Planck-Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics and has been used successfully to align the Euclid space telescope. You can learn more details in this publication.