ARGOS Fiber – Testing systems for the quality assurance of fiber-end facets

Testing fiber-end facets for damage in high-performance applications happens objectively and with the press of a button. ARGOS Fiber takes over the pass/fail evaluation and provides the complete results in the test report, which can be used for further statistical analysis in connection with the digital transformation of manufacturing (smart manufacturing). The measuring method complies with the recommendations of ISO 10110‑7 and ISO 14997 and uses the analysis of stray light in a dark-field configuration. With the exact results, rejects can be reduced and a leaner production achieved.

equipment for inspection of fiber facets for high power laser applications

Inspecting end facets of fiber optics for high-performance applications

Based on the proven ARGOS technology, ARGOS Fiber enables your high-performance fiber optics to be used directly in a standard fiber connector (for example QBH) for testing purposes. The end facet (diameter 0.1‑22 mm) is scanned and monitored for damage and contamination. The device can be used successfully for detecting burn-marks and pits. Thanks to the defined installation position in the fiber connection, the focus position is guaranteed, without the need for any additional effort. For the analysis, two zones in the software can be defined: an inner range for the pass/fail test and an outer range in which imperfections are shown only. The analysis follows the standard procedure from the ARGOS testing device. All testing results are saved electronically and from there can be transferred into your quality software.

In addition to the fiber testing, conventional samples such as slightly curved lenses and flat optics up to to 22 mm wide can also be examined using linear scan in a specialized variation with corresponding holder.

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Product sheet: ARGOS Fiber for end surfaces of fiber optics

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