ARGOS – Fully automated inspection devices for optical surfaces

Together with our partner MA micro automation GmbH, we can offer you the serial inspection of optical surfaces and their sorting according to a fully automated pass/fail assessment. With the high-resolution inspection system ARGOS, we offer the possibility to carry out the manual inspection of optical surfaces in a highly efficient, automated way and with a high degree of repeat accuracy.

robot-assisted automatted inspection of optical elements

Automatic inspection and analysis of lenses, aspheres, flat optics and filters

The device offers the possibility to inspect optical surfaces with a high throughput, classify them according to DIN ISO 10110‑7 and to document them. Depending on the desired testing characteristics, it can also be operated continuously 24/7. It increases the yield and quality in your lens production.

Everything is easy to control and you receive objective and user-independent results. The database connection allows on the one hand statistics to be collected that can be used to analyze and improve the process; on the other hand, it enables a reliable traceability of individual parts.

The following types of imperfections are analyzed: holes, scratches, edge chips, holes in the coating, contamination, bubbles and inclusions, and volume errors.

Optional additional modules, such as palletizers, flow boxes and feeder systems, enable the system to be adjusted to your product and create the necessary environmental conditions for the inspection.

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