Review 2020 – Start 2021

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DIOPTIC looks back on a very special year 2020. We are very proud to have implemented these significant milestones and developed innovative products with our great team.

Automated batch inspection of optical components: ARGOS matrix
ARGOS matrix – Automated batch inspection of optical components
The increasing amount of lidar sensors especcially in the automotive sector needs new testing and inspection concepts.
Working range inspection of lidar sensors
Measurement setup for testing an aspherical lens with a DFNL CGH.
DFNL: Interferometric asphere testing using a CGH without transmission sphere
Smart eyewear Komponenten
Optical solutions for head-mounted displays (HMD) and augmented reality (AR) modules
Interferometrische Präzisionsjustage
Interferometric precision alignment: DIOPTIC-technology for space telescopes and fusion reactors
MWIR infrared microscope lenses for thermography with cooled sensors
Infrared microscope lenses for thermography
telecentric lenses
Bi-telecentric lenses: DIOPTICs new product line

Now we are looking forward to an exciting NEW YEAR 2021 full of optimism and energy. We can´t wait to launch numerous innovative ideas. And above all we want to remain successful together with our loyal customers and trusting partners.